Floral Arrangements

1 Dozen Roses

1 Dozen Roses arranged in a vase to say I love you in so many different ways. Your choice of colors.


Six Roses

Six roses arranged in a ceramic mug is the ideal gift to show that special one how much you care.

Three Roses

3 roses When you want to show appreciation, this gift is ideal.


Nine Roses

(8 Red & 1 White)

An exotic combination created in a tumbler vase with greenery. Ideal for expressing the love you feel.

Exotic Bouquet

A Tropical Bouquet artistically crafted to bring out their natural beauty.

Tropical Fantasy

Small tropical fantasy of locally grown tropical flowers in a glass vase, ideal for any occasion.

2 Dozen Roses

2 dozen roses delicately arranged in basket


Pedestal Arrangement

This piece is suitable for creating that special ambiance at your events be it weddings, banquets, dinners or funerals.

Bud Vase

An assortment of single buds just to show appreciation.


1/2 Dozen Orchid Blooms

Orchid blooms are an ideal gift to show appreciation,

say thank you, or just because


Stemmed Roses

Roses in 3 different colours. beautifully arranged to let her know how much you care or just because.

Orchid Arrangement

A popular choice to express your sympathy to family and friends.

Single Rose

with Teddy

To show her how much you care. To put a smile on her face with this cute presentation.

One Dozen Orchid Blooms

One dozen orchid blooms arranged in a vase. Just the touch you need to express feelings of love or friendship and to say get well.

Dendrobium Orchid

Just the gift to send to that special someone. Gift wrapped with a bow

says it all.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Tropically grown this plant will continue to bloom for several weeks, constantly keeping you in mind. A gift for any occasion.

3 Dozen Exotic Dendrobium

Orchid Blooms

Just the gift to send to that special someone. Gift wrapped with a bow

says it all.

Small Arrangement

An assortment of tropical and temperate blooms arranged in a small vase or cup will bring cheer and add colour to any room.

Medium Arrangement

Medium Arrangement An assortment of tropical blooms stylishly arranged for funerals, weddings or other functions.

Large Arrangement

Large Arrangement a mixture of tropical and other flowers lovingly crafted to enhance the décor of your event.

Mixed Arrangement

Mixed arrangement, with roses, mums, carnations, greenery and a wisp of baby' breath, in a vase, suitable for any occasion.


Carnations, Roses, and Lilies

Arranged in an opaque or glass vase with greeenery and whisps of baby's breath. A Gorgeous creation  suitable for any occasion



Round Wreath

To express heartfelt  condolences to the family of colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Name Wreath

Express your true feeling.  Ideal for mom or dad and is available in colour of your choice.

Actual arrangements/products might differ slightly from the ones shown